Blastron Hack

Blastron Hack v1.0_1

As far as you know I am an reliable c++ studen from germany so I have decided to share my Blastron Hack with you. I hope you take this present serious! I am going to release an FREE Blastron Hack where you generate premium things so you will be untouchable while playing Blastron. But firstly we have to clear some points:

What is Blastron?

Google play store description

“Your robots are armed and ready for battle in the home of the universe’s most extreme of Robotic Pastimes – Blastbots! Explore thousands of ways to blow up your fellow robots, while collecting awesome loot, upgrading and customizing your robots…and did we mention, blasting the crap out of other robots!?!? Collect an arsenal of insane weapons designed for maximum annihilation while upgrading an array of unique robot parts to level up your skills. It’s time to Blast or be Blasted!”

What does your Blastron Hack?

My Blastron Hack is designed for freedom within the Game Industry! I am calling it Game MAFIA. Why I am calling it game mafia? Easy due to the fact that publishers like Kabam are releasing their android and ios games as free but charging real money if you really want to achieve something. Its not Free to Play its Pay to Play now. So yeah I have decided for sharing it for free. The Blastron Hack doesn’t provide that much features, it is only providing properly working features which are getting updatet very often. Here is a little list:

  1. Inbuild Device Connection Script
  2. Inbuild Updater
  3. Device Connection Scripts works perfectly with IOS and Android
  4. Enable God Mode
  5. Unlock All weapons
  6. Unlock All Boots
  7. Generate unlimited Gears
  8. Generate unlimited Rivets

That’s all! Nothing really specia lbut generating unlimited rivets and gears is for sure an premium feature which I have never seen before. Other Hacks are promising this features too but all of these are liars which only want to infect you with malware or trying to milk you out! They all uses shitty visual basic software. I am sure will like my Blastron Hack not only because of it’s proffessionally code!

Is your Blastron Hack infected ?

Absolutely no! We will provide an virustotal scan which makes sure there is nothing in it which shouldn’t be in there like some shitty keyloggers or anything else.

Does your Blastron Hack really work?

Oh yes! All features are working properly, as soon as something is getting  outdated we are going to update it. You may wonder why I am able to create an Blastron Hack which is really working? That’s easy I found an gap in the database so I am able to change and even add values to it. I also found some leak within the application so I am able to modify some files which are allowing me to enable god mode. Don’t be afraid of using it! It doesn’t need your account data! I can’t go in-depth because I am afraid that Kabam is closing these secruity leaks forever, sorry!

What’s the price of your Hack?

Its completely free! You can download it directly from our highline servers!

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I hope I can make a lot of people happy with my Blastron Hack!